News Daily: Tory conference and heart attacks warning

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Tory conference: ₤25 bn roadways upgrade guaranteed

The Conservative Party is in Manchester for its yearly conference, while Parliament continues to sit, following recently’s ruling by the Supreme Court that Boris Johnson’s choice to suspend it was unlawful. Chancellor Sajid Javid will announce later on that 14 significant roadways in England will be upgraded at an expense of ₤25 bn. He’ll likewise state he’s providing ₤ 5bn for ultrafast broadband throughout the UK.

Improving facilities is extremely much a theme of the conference, with the Conservatives saying more cash can be made available, as public financial resources remain in better shape following years of spending cuts.

However is there a risk other events might distract from what’s occurring in Manchester? On Sunday, Downing Street denied a claim that Mr Johnson squeezed journalist Charlotte Edwardes’s thigh at a lunch in1999 And the SNP has actually recommended a vote of no confidence in the federal government could occur over the next few days.

The slogan for the conference is “Get Brexit done”, and there will be plenty of conversation of that – in Westminster and Manchester – today too. Here are five things to look out for at the Conservative conference.

Saudi prince warns of ‘unimaginably high’ oil rates

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, has warned of big oil rate increases if the world does not act to deter Iran’s behaviour. This follows attacks on two Saudi oil facilities two weeks ago, which many countries have actually blamed on Iran – however which it rejects. Here are the details of what the prince said.

Cardiovascular disease treatment care ‘not equivalent’

Back in the 1960 s, 7 out of 10 heart attacks in the UK proved fatal. Nowadays, 7 out of 10 victims endure. But the British Heart Structure says inequalities in diagnosis, treatment and aftercare mean that hundreds of women each year in England and Wales are passing away needlessly. Read the full story here.

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Harry: Do not call me a hippy

The Duke of Sussex is continuing his tour of southern Africa, checking out a preservation job in Malawi. Prince Harry – who, along with his other half Meghan, has actually come in for fierce criticism in the media recently – has actually countered, saying it is unfair to call him a “hippy”. Composing in the Daily Telegraph, he insists that mankind must battle “greed, lethargy and selfishness” and safeguard nature to ensure its own survival.

The secret tapes of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder

By Jane Corbin, Panorama

British lawyer Baroness Kennedy listened to Jamal Khashoggi’s passing away moments. “The horror of listening to someone’s voice, the fear in someone’s voice, and that you’re listening to something live. It makes a shiver go through your body.”

Kennedy made comprehensive notes of the conversations she heard between members of the Saudi hit team. “You can hear them laughing. It’s a chilling organisation. They’re waiting there understanding that this male is going to be available in and he’s going to be killed and cut up.”

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What the documents say

The PM remains in the headings again, with the Daily Telegraph reporting that Remain-backing opposition leaders will today try to change the law forcing him to request an extension to the Brexit due date within the next few days. The Guardian, on the other hand, states the allegation that Boris Johnson squeezed a female journalist’s knee in 1999 will overshadow the Conservative conference. City, however, focuses on a “repellent show of hatred” in Manchester, where protesters have hung effigies to greet Tory members coming to the conference centre. In other places, the Sun says a “monster” hybrid savannah feline is on the loose in north London. Its headline? “Purrminator.”

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