DC’s Teen Titans Academy Yearbook revealed that Beast Boy is struggling along with his identify as soon as once more, due to Cyborg.

WARNING: The following incorporates spoilers for “Stitch, In Time” from the Teen Titans Academy 2021 Yearbook #1, by Tim Sheridan, Bernard Chang, Marcelo Maiolo and Rob Leigh, on sale now.

Beast Boy has one of many strangest and most upsetting origin tales within the DC Universe. Garfield Logan was born to a pair of scientists working in Africa and he contracted a wierd virus that might rapidly turn into deadly. Garfield’s father injected his son with a serum that contained DNA from the West African inexperienced monkey, who was resistant to the virus. The serum cured the virus however left Garfield with inexperienced pores and skin, eyes, and hair in addition to the power to rework into totally different animals. His mother and father would find yourself passing in a boating accident and Garfield could be adopted by the Doom Patrol’s Elasti-Girl and Steve Dayton. He assumed the identify Beast Boy, however as Garfield has grown older, the identify began inflicting him some grief.

And in Teen Titans Academy 2021 Yearbook, that difficulty got here to the fore as soon as once more throughout a romantic dinner between Beast Boy and Raven. Raven appeared distant throughout their meal as she has been affected by visions of her teammates’ Future State deaths. As their dinner began to take a somber flip, Beast Boy felt it was greatest to attempt to distract Raven from her horrifying visions.

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He placed on some music and invited Raven to bounce. He continued his distraction strategies by frequently speaking whereas they danced. Raven referred to Beast Boy as Garfield to which he replied that “it is Mr. Beast Boy” to her. He adopted this up by questioning his personal identify. He questioned if he ought to change his identify again to Changeling since Cyborg has been teasing him about having “Boy” in his identify. This shouldn’t be the primary time that Garfield has questioned his identify.

Beast Boy adopted his authentic identify when he first joined up with the Doom Patrol in 1965’s Doom Patrol #99 by Arnold Drake and Bob Brown. He was initially rejected from the unlikely superhero staff, however Elasti-Girl satisfied the Patrol to offer him an opportunity. He was then given his new superhero identify by Robotman. Initially, Beast Boy was not glad in any respect with this identify firing again at Robotman with insults. He would study to understand this identify and held onto it for 15 years till he made the leap over to the New Teen Titans in DC Comics Presents #26 by Marv Wolfman, George Pérez, Dick Giordano, Adrienne Roy and Bob Oda.

When the New Teen Titans emerged, a lot of the members felt it was applicable to undertake new identities. Beast Boy was certainly one of these heroes and adopted the brand new identify Changeling. While it may appear that Garfield took on this new identify to take away the title of “boy” from his identify, there was truly a deeper purpose.

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The demise of Doom Patrol hit Beast Boy arduous. While he was efficiently in a position to transition into an performing profession, Tales of the New Teen Titans #3 by Wolfman, Pérez, Gene Day, Roy and John Costanza revealed that this profession would show to be short-lived. He finally rekindled a relationship from his earlier days till the Arsenal took her hostage. While Garfield was in a position to save the day, he was frequently berated by the Arsenal who mocked his new identify. This adverse expertise mixed with the unhappiness he felt when reminiscing about his former staff led him to the identify Changeling.

Garfield remained Changeling for almost 20 years when he returned to his authentic superhero identify. The miniseries Beast Boy by Geoff Johns, Ben Raab, Justiniano, Chris Ivy, Jason Wright and Comicraft noticed Garfield Logan’s return to the highlight. This collection noticed Gar try and restart his performing profession just for him to be flung again into the superhero enterprise. Garfield is first referred to as Beast Boy by Flamebird and was rapidly instructed by Garfield to not name him that. Unfortunately, the identify would stick because the media would start to report on Garfield’s actions and referred to him as Beast Boy.

Since 2000, Beast Boy has not wavered on his identify, however now it appears like issues might change. While Garfield remains to be extraordinarily energetic and carefree, he has proven slight indicators of maturity over time. Now that he’s an precise trainer on the Teen Titans Academy, he might start looking for a brand new identify to garner extra respect from his college students. Only time will inform if Beast Boy will turn into Changeling as soon as once more, or perhaps he’ll undertake a wholly new identify.

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